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Game Development is an ART of its own! 

What is a Video Game?

Is a means of enjoyment? or may be is is it what those nerds do when they stop eating? Well to tell you the truth. It can be many things these days. It can be a movie (looking at games like Uncharted and Tomb Raider 2013), it can be a way to strategize (DOTA , WOW) and also a way to cool off the heat from the day(Little Big Planet and Juggernauts). But all in all a game is a highly complicated and feature packed software that does a lot of things to make a hardware be used to its content.

Evolution of Game Hardware and Games through my eyes

Seeing through many years of how games have been made. I first had the ATARI 2600. My God! I should tell you what a machine that was. So many hours of pure enjoyment in front of the TV screen with just one joystick and a button. The minimalism approach of this product is what brought us the next 15 years of pure and awesome advances in technology and hardware. Though the few years to follow had a few hitches in the gaming industry with the black downfall of the late 1980, Sega came out with the most brilliant device that changed the way people used media on gaming consoles. They introduced something called Compact Disk on their device!the SEGA DREAMCAST. It was truly an awe to see that console in action. Even though it had a few nuances to have a boot disk first boot the OS and then load the game disk, the device was still once of the best graphical output at its time. And then came the great giants who have conquered all our hearts now starting with the Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Hardware range. It has truly been a great journey for the industry for the past 10-15 years, but i feel the pace is yet to pick up. Beware of the future of gaming coz its really BRIGHT!!

The Need for NavMesh

Normally a person would not need to know what a NavMesh is. But as a Game Programmer. That's how you bring things to life. NavMesh (short for Navigation Mesh) is the data that is extrapolated to the Navigation Agents that are present in the Game Engine. NavMesh's are very important piece of information that the Designer/Developer needs to keep into mind while designing the AI for a game. It follows many kind of algorithms as it is cut down into a data structure that is understood by the Artificial Intelligent application agents for finding a path or to follow a path. The most basic implementation is of the NavMesh is the implementation of the A-Star algorithm which is a very popular one for path finding. 

Animation Blending

Most 3D WYSIWYG Game Engine Editors have Animation Blend State Machines nowadays. It is a vital component of a Game Designer to Have a thorough understanding of the state machine first. It is very essential to know that we can use Blend Trees within Blend Trees to make the animation more fluid from one state to another. The most interesting aspect that is used nowadays is ray casting from specific points to do blend states like walking across a wall and the hand opening up and feeling the wall. The Animation Programmer has to control the IK very efficiently within the code to make the game look believable like turning the head of the character towards an object when highlighted and not only turning the camera in that direction.